USCGC STORIS Life and Death of a Queen

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As soon as STORIS was commissioned, she was painted camouflage and participated in military convoys between New Foundland, Canada and Greenland.  The STORIS had two primary duties for the War: 

  (1) To prevent German forces from setting up and operating weather stations in Greenland.

  (2) To protect and resupply and resupply US military stations in Greenland, including a Cryolite mine on the southwest shore town of Ivittuut.  Cryolite is a rare ore used in the manufacturing process of aluminum, a precious war commodity.

The most noteworthy event for the STORIS during WWII was her response to the June 13, 1943 sinking of the Coast Guard Cutter ESCANABA. After witnessing the explosion, she was tasked to investigate and respond all while avoiding enemy U-Boats.