USCGC STORIS Life and Death of a Queen

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In 1947 STORIS was sent to the Coast Guard Yard in Curtis Bay, MD to remove many of her heavy armaments, including depth charge tracks and excess weapons.  On September 12, 1948 the Coast Guard moved the STORIS's homeport to Juneau, Alaska. STORIS duties included law enforcement, fishery enforcement and search and rescue.

An overhaul in 1972 changing her from a light icebreaker to a medium endurance cutter prepared her for life on the 2 million square km Bering Sea in the northernmost part of the Pacific Ocean.

In 1975 STORIS would break ice in Prudhoe Bay to clear the way for construction of the Alaskan Pipeline. Ironically, in 1989 she would respond to the massive oil spill of the Exon Valdez in Prince William Sound.