USCGC STORIS Life and Death of a Queen

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July 14, 1941 the keel was laid  in Toledo, Ohio for a brand new Cutter. STORIS was designed by the U.S. Coast Guard with detail drawings by the Toledo Shipbuilding Company to be a supply ship with a degree of icebreaking capability for the waters around Greenland. The contract was let on 26 January 1941.

She was to be named ESKIMO. During her construction, however, the State Department, concerned the natives of Greenland might find the name offensive, requested another name be selected. "STORIS" is a Scandinavian word meaning "great ice".

Her design closely parallels the smaller 180-foot buoy tenders of 1942-1944. She was the first tender fitted with a double top-lift boom and is the only example of her class.

STORIS was launched on April 4, 1942 and commissioned on September 30, 1942 as an ice patrol tender.